Amend the RAVE Act Petition

My name is Dede Goldsmith. On August 31, 2013, my daughter, Shelley, died of heat stroke at an electronic dance music (EDM) concert in Washington D.C. after taking MDMA. Her death was partly the result of a dated law from 2003 called the RAVE Act that prevents safe settings at EDM events. Please join me in signing this petition. It is time for a “safety first” approach to drug use that includes harm reduction measures along with current law enforcement efforts.

Dear Members of Congress,

I urge you to enact legislation to amend the 2003 Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (aka the RAVE Act) to ensure that music venue owners and event organizers can implement common sense safety measures to protect their patrons and reduce the risk of medical emergencies, including those associated with drug use, without fear of prosecution by federal authorities.

As the law currently stands, many owners and organizers are reluctant to institute such measures, fearing they may be accused of “maintaining a drug involved premises” under the Act, and thus opening themselves to criminal or civil prosecution. Clarifying the original intent of the Act will ensure that the Act can no longer be misinterpreted in ways that jeopardize public safety.

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